The following is designed to assist persons who are attempting to determine whether a particular subject is covered by a provision of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations and if so, whether that provision has been amended:

  1. Refer to the list of DCMR Titles to determine whether the subject matter is covered. The list of DCMR Titles appears in the back of each issue of the D.C. Register. A list, including a description and table of contents of most titles is also contained on the Office of Documents Homepage.

  2. There is also a table in volume 11 of the D.C. Code which cross references D.C. Code and DCMR cites.

  3. Once it has been determined that a rule or regulation on the subject exists, an inquiry should be made to determine whether the document has been amended. This can be done by consulting the Cumulative List of Amendments to the DCMR which is published in the D.C. Register in the first issue of each month. The list is also published on the Office of Documents Homepage.

  4. Finally, the weekly Contents of the D.C. Register should be consulted to determine whether a rule or regulation has been amended from one week to the next.

  5. The only exceptions to this are emergency rules adopted pursuant to Sec. 105 of the D.C. Administrative Procedure Act (D.C. Code Sec. 1-1506(c) or where all persons subject to the rules are named and either personally served or have actual notice. D.C. Code Sec. 1-1506(a). Emergency rules are published on the Cumulative List of Amendments to the DCMR along with the note that these rules will expire [within 120 days from adoption].

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