D. C. Code Update Chart Codification Counsel KEY
Additional Information Office of the General Counsel Act Type: 
as of 16-Apr-99 Council of the District of Columbia "E" = Emergency Act
Tele. (202) 724-8026 "T" = Temporary Law
Fax. (202) 724-8129 "P" = Permanent Law
requiring E /T acts
"F" = Federal Law

The text of the listed Laws and Acts (except federal laws) can be found at the District of Columbia Register (DCR) cite listed by Volume-Page. All other Laws and Emergency Acts are codified in the current volumes and supplements of the D.C. Code.

The last law codified or noted in the D.C. Code is Law 12-105, effective May 7, 1998. The last emergency act noted in the D.C. Code is Act 12-282, effective February 25, 1998. Click on title to begin: Title 1, Titles 2 - 3, Titles 4 - 15, Titles 16 - 30, Titles 31 - 47, Congressional amendments, of Council amendments to the D.C. Municipal Regulations (DCMR). Click here for cumulative amendments to the DCMR. The District of Columbia Code is now available on-line. For more information, contact the Codification Counsel.

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