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As a service to the public, D.C. Laws that amend the DCMR, covering the period May 1990 through September 2002, have been compiled. Copies of the cited laws, which amend the DCMR's are available from the Council.

The Office of Documents is now ONLINE!! This site will NOT continue to post the D.C. Register contents because that information is available on the Office of Documents website. Please visit that site. To Contact the Administrator of the Office of Documents: Arnold Finlayson - click here.

The District of Columbia Official Code is now on-line. It is an entirely new codification. It has been 20 years since the last codification. It is also available at the D.C. Council's website. The new code is published by West Publishing. For more information, contact the Codification Counsel.

NOTE: The information contained on these pages is Unofficial. It is offered as a public service. The information is not produced by the District of Columbia government or the Office of Documents. For questions or comments concerning the contents of these pages, contact the author, for information concerning official documents, contact the Office of Documents.

The duties and responsibilities of the Office of Documents are to compile, edit, publish, and distribute the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (DCMR), the District of Columbia Register and the District of Columbia Statutes at Large. Instructions on how to order any of these publications is included in this site. The Office also provides assistance to persons researching D.C. rules and regulations. The topic of regulatory reform is also discussed.

For more information concerning any of these documents call (202) 727-5090, or fax your request to (202) 727-6042. You may e-mail here for information concerning this page.

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